American Made Vault Doors in Orem, Utah.

Using the finest American steel, and the hardest of hardened building materials, Fort Knox vault doors are the standard by which all other safes and vaults are measured. We can consult on your specific vault door needs, and help you decide on the right design for your vault.

Want to have unlimited storage for anything important? Want a secure “man cave”? For the price of an average safe, put a vault door on a concrete room and have plenty of space for everything sentimental.

Vault doors start at 1400 lbs. Now that is a lot of steel protection! Need more? Add layers of AR500 or stainless steel and your fortress will be unmatched.

Valuables storage, collectibles protection, gun rooms, safe rooms – complete your build with the finest vault door available.

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Vault Door Sales and Installation

All vaults tend to be built with a 7-gauge outer doorframe with 1/2″ steel internals. Seaworth Safe Sales has the perfect compliment with Fort Knox vault doors comprised of a 10 gauge quadra-fold door jacket with fireboard and 3/8” inner steel reinforcing plate.

Door Sizes and Swing Options

Fort Knox Vault Doors come in two standard sizes, 82″ x 40″ and 82″ x 48″. All doors are available as inside swing or outside swing, as well as right hinged and left hinged, to suit your needs. Our outside swing models are also available with external hinges as well.

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Locking System

All Fort Knox Vault doors use a minimum of 19 high quality 1-1/2” steel locking bolts on a rack and pinion locking system and clutch drive handle. Along with this comes a Triple Relocker system and ball bearing hard plate to defend against Drilling, Cutting, Punching, Prying, and Shearing attacks.

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Vault and Vault Door Delivery


Our experienced delivery and installation team can help you avoid the pitfalls of vault installation by helping you place your new vault precisely where and how you need it. If you’re ready to purchase, and have questions about how we get the vault to your final location, contact us to discuss details!

Vault Delivery and installation

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We’ve Got Safes & Vaults

We have an extensive offering of Fort Knox vaults and safes at our Fort Collins, Colorado location. We can advise on your purchase and either build a custom solution, or ship and deliver one of our vaults from our local stock. Vault and Safe Manufacturing can lead to long delays in availability. That why we keep stock ready to go when you are!

Fort Knox Safes & Vaults