Safes and Vaults Made in Orem, Utah, available in Colorado.

Fort Knox Safes, Vaults, and Vault Doors provide a virtually impenetrable fortress around your valuables for security and peace of mind. Handcrafted with the thickest steel bodies available in the industry, you also get features like the largest locking bolts available, massive cross-directional corner bolts, 100% coverage in the door plate and solid welded seams inside and out.

Build Your Vault

Introducing the Seaworth-Exclusive Fort Knox King Kong!

Vault and Vault Door Delivery


Our experienced delivery and installation team can help you avoid the pitfalls of vault installation by helping you place your new vault precisely where and how you need it. If you’re ready to purchase, and have questions about how we get the vault to your final location, contact us to discuss details!

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Building a Custom Vault?

We’ve Got Vault Doors

We keep 40 vault doors of various types and sizes in-stock at all times, so our customers don’t have to wait. Get the vault door you need for your custom project with the fastest turnaround time in the industry. In fact we’ve got a dedicated page on our website for our vault door sales and installation.

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